SAP/DOT Approved Services

According to the Department of Transportation (DOT), certain employees are subject to federal drug and alcohol use and testing regulations. Any employee who violates these regulations must be immediately removed from safety-sensitive responsibilities, and may not be returned to any safety-sensitive duty in the transportation industry until and unless he/she successfully completes a DOT return-to-duty process.

The individual who is responsible for overseeing this process is a Substance Abuse Professional (SAP). The DOT requires a SAP to have specific credentials, to have knowledge in specified content areas, to complete a comprehensive SAP training, and to satisfactorily complete a SAP exam.

SBS employs two SAPs, Betsy Mills, LPC, CEAP and Barbara Newton, LMFT, who have been trained and are experienced in administering the criteria required by the Department of Transportation (DOT) for individuals who have tested positive for any prohibited substance. The case rate for individuals who are either referred by their employer or who self-refer includes:

  • Initial assessment which includes a standardized test with proven testing tools which assists in determining the severity of the addiction, how motivated the patient is, how to best treat the problem, and how likely relapse is.
  • The SAP will then make a recommendation to the client for the most appropriate treatment provider(s) in their geographic location.
  • An initial letter will be sent to the employer delineating the SAP’s recommendation(s) and the recourse(s) available.
  • The SAP requires a Consent for Disclosure to be signed by the employee in order that the SAP may check the employee’s compliance with the recommended treatment provider.
  • In addition, the SAP requires that the employee contact the SAP with a treatment status on a weekly basis.
  • A final session with the employee will be conducted upon completion of the recommended treatment.
  • A follow-up letter will be sent to the employer stating whether or not the employee has successfully followed and completed the treatment recommendation(s) originally set forth by the SAP.